Beast's Castle

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 This candle is part of our Winter Seasonal Collection and will be available until March 15th!

The 13 oz Drinking Glass comes with a wooden wick and a specially designed label that is removable to allow you to enjoy the glass after the candle is burned! The label may begin to peel off near the end of the candle's life due to the repeated heat.

SCENTS: Rose Wood, Love Spell, Enchantments


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MATERIAL: Made with all natural coconut wax, fragrance oils, lead free cotton wick, glass jar or metal tin.

RESPONSIBLY MADE: Coconut wax is eco-friendly, vegan and completely odorless. It is a higher quality than soy and paraffin wax. It has a cleaner burn, holds more fragrance, and has a stronger scent throw when burning. You can clean to reuse the jars or recycle them!

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A Tale as Old as Time

This is a wonderful candle! It has a beachy scent to it, which you might not expect, but it is still wonderful! Reminds me a bit of a sunscreen smell, but also of meadows. It is definitely great for those that are fans of Beauty and the Beast!