Little Mermaid
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Little Mermaid

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This candle is part of our Princess Box and will only be available for individual purchase in small quantities during special sales twice a year.

Wash away your worries with this seaside and orchids scent, and picture yourself swimming with your favorite watery princess! This is a clean and sweet scented candle that fills the room.

SCENTS: Salty Sea Air, Sweet Orchid, Treasure Trove

SCENT STRENGTH: Medium - Strong

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MATERIALS: Made with all natural coconut wax, fragrance oils, lead free cotton wick, glass jar or metal tin.

RESPONSIBLY MADE: Coconut wax is eco-friendly, vegan and completely odorless. It is a higher quality than soy and paraffin wax. It has a cleaner burn, holds more fragrance, and has a stronger scent throw when burning. You can clean to reuse the jars or recycle them!

Customer Reviews

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Dinglehoppers and Snarfblatts!

This candle is beautiful! There is the best glitter on top that makes you think of the ocean. The only thing about this candle (for me) is that there is something in the scent that is a bit too floral. It's not overpowering, but you know that it is there. I only like certain floral scents, and prefer them to be subtle. This is definitely a mixture of flowers and the sea. If you are a fan of floral and sea breeze though, I think that you would love this candle!

Worth It

I've been waiting for this to be in stock and because of the wait I was afraid I'd hyped myself up too much and would be disappointed. But of course I was wrong and it more than lived up to my expectation and then some. The scent is a wonderful blend of floral and sea, very strong and clean. Also I wasn't expecting the top to be so gorgeous so that was a really delightful surprise!

Really Under The Sea!

I live at the beach but I still want my house to smell like this candle! Little Mermaid is my favorite princess and I was not disappointing with this candle! The scent is perfect, the color is perfect, the sparkles are perfect....its perfect!! For those that are land locked just grab this candle to be transported to the sea!