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Have you ever wondered what it was like to be in Neverland? Now let's face it, not everyone can travel to the second star on the right and straight on 'til morning. But fear not! These wonderful blends of spices, sweet bamboo, and ocean will make you feel like you never grew up.


SCENTS: Bamboo, Ocean, Peppercorn, Asian Spice


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MATERIALS: Made with all natural coconut wax, fragrance oils, lead free cotton wick, glass jar or metal tin.

RESPONSIBLY MADE: Coconut wax is eco-friendly, vegan and completely odorless. It is a higher quality than soy and paraffin wax. It has a cleaner burn, holds more fragrance, and has a stronger scent throw when burning. You can clean to reuse the jars or recycle them!

Customer Reviews

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Spicy Forever Young!

This is a super fun scent and also very unique. It is a spicy scent that reminds you of adventures in far away lands. I think this scent transports you places you have never been! It suits Peter Pan perfectly and his fun careful adventurous side!

Think of the Happiest Things...

I got a sample of this with an order and knew I NEEDED a full size. It's hard to explain the scent except that it's EXACTLY what Neverland smells like. It's fresh and clean with some really subtle surprising notes underneath. The ocean and bamboo are very much in the forefront but the spice and peppercorn are definitely there, giving it depth and warmth. This is a very clean scent but it's also really strong. It definitely fills a room in a warm, welcoming way <3

Second Star to the Right

Wow! I wasn't sure of this scent because it sounds different, but I finally picked it up and can tell you that different is good! It's a spicy scent that takes you to the seas and off on an adventure to Neverland!