Sorting Ceremony Candle

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If you are a First Year not yet sorted into your House, or if you just want that excitement of the Sorting Ceremony all over again, this is the candle for you! With a top layer of white wax, scented lightly with soft vanilla, you can burn this candle to see what House color and matching scent you get! 

Scents 1 of 4 Possible Scents

Red - Apple, Redwood, Cedar, The Fat Lady

Yellow - Apple, Maple, Vanilla, Kitchen Corridor

Green - Vanilla, Musk, Sweetgrass, Dungeons

Blue - Tea, Berries, Honey, The West Tower

Scent Strength



Coconut wax, aluminum tin, lead-free cotton wick, fragrance oil, dye, metal lid.

Responsibly Made

Coconut wax is eco-friendly, vegan and completely odorless. It is a higher quality than soy wax and has a cleaner burn, and holds more fragrance. You can clean to reuse the jars or recycle them!

Customer Reviews

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Ridiculously Fun!

First of all, all four house candles are amazing smelling so whichever house you get it is going to smell amazing with just a tad extra vanilla scent. I nerded out sooooo hard with this and had so much fun getting sorted. You really can't smell what your house is through the vanilla. I got Hufflepuff and it smelled heavenly ofcourse!

Most fun you will have with a candle!

This is such a fun candle! All the scents are amazing, so you win either way! It is fun waiting for the vanilla layer to melt down. I was impatient and had the wick lit and the candle placed on a warmer. This actually made the coolest affect with the colored wax. I got Slytherin, and the green swirled with the white since it was being heated from both ends. It looked really cool. I would recommend getting this candle before it is gone!